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For the first time ever, the Reggio Emilia Mosaic of Marks Exhibition will be coming to Singapore in November 2024. Explore the captivating research on children’s mark-making and drawing woven with narrative from Reggio Emilia’s infant-toddler centres and preschools, presented in English and Mandarin. Alongside the exhibition, REACH will also offer a conference on the 22nd and 23rd of November.
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Past Events

The Mosaic of Marks exhibition atelier has travelled worldwide and is debuting in Singapore in November 2024! The uniqueness of this exhibition stems from the fact that it offers educators a rare glimpse into the work done in the pre-schools and infant toddlers centres of Reggio Emilia. It is an opportunity to connect theory and practice and bring these inspirations to your context.
The ambience at EtonHouse Garden School by the Bay was charged with creativity and curiosity on 16 March 2024, as over 30 passionate educators from EtonHouse International Education Group gathered for the transformative “Mosaic of Marks” Atelier session.
In March 2024, E-Bridge Pre-School was honoured to host Marina Castagnetti, an educator from Reggio Children, and Mirella Ruozzi, an atelierista from Reggio Children, for an enriching collaborative learning experience.
Attendee’s reflection from the International Study Group at Reggio Emilia in 2023
Each year, REACH leads a group of network members to visit Reggio Emilia in Italy, to participate in the Study Group held by Reggio Children.
A group of 29 educators embarked on a journey to reinforce and deepen their understanding of the Reggio Emilia approach, right at the city where its name was derived.