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Post Conference Reflection – Shanghai 2023

Post Conference Reflection – Shanghai 2023

The two-day Reggio Emilia conference in Shanghai attracted over 500 educators from around the world, showcasing a wonderful example of cross-national border collaboration
REACH - Shanghai 2023


Reflection from the Reggio Emilia Conference in Shanghai 2023

The two-day Reggio Emilia conference in Shanghai attracted over 500 educators from around the world, showcasing a wonderful example of cross-national border collaboration. As shared by Reggio speakers, Paola and Marina, “The Reggio Emilia approach encourages us to transcend geographical boundaries such as countries and languages, as well as to break through the limits of art, science, culture, and philosophy. With an open mindset, we embrace both the expected and unexpected that children bring to us.” This conference was a true and wonderful demonstration of how the Reggio Emilia approach inspires educators to transcend various limitations and jointly pursue a broader educational vision. I feel truly honored to have been a part of it.

The presentations of the two Reggio speakers were full of wisdom and insights, and listening to the wonderful learning stories they shared prompted me to reflect more deeply on the role of the teacher… The basic responsibilities of Reggio teachers may seem to be no different from those of most teachers, but from the learning stories they are particularly good at building relationships with young children, engaging in meaningful dialogues, stimulating children’s thinking, and facilitate deep learning. They are always energetically engaged in their interactions with children, employing a range of methods such as observation, active listening, documentation, and responsive approaches to assist children in their in-depth inquiry. Reggio educators always uphold the values of respecting for the individuality, embracing differences, active learning and participation, and it is with these values in mind that teachers convey positive concepts to children, including a passion for life, commitment, effort, and dedication. As Paola stated in the conference “…our approach is more about helping children to construct (interpret the world) maps of meaning. Beyond that, our task is to work with young children to build their desire to learn, to better encounter and understand the world.”

The practices of Reggio educators inspire us that we need to listen attentively to children’s voice in our daily activities, change our perspective on children from the inside, build the “relationship”-oriented teacher-child interaction, and make research a conscious habit and attitude of life, so that we can truly see the “richness of the child” and become wise teachers. When our teachers continuously reflect on the above practices, it means that they have grasped the “Ariadne’s thread” that Malaguzzi has metaphorically described, embarking on a journey inspired by Reggio Emilia Approach.


两位瑞吉欧专家的演讲充满智慧和深刻见解, 在聆听了他们讲述的一个又一个美妙的学习故事后,促使我对教师的角色进行了更深入地反思…瑞吉欧教师的基本职责看似与大多数教师并无差别,但是从学习故事中可以看出他们特别擅长同幼儿建立关系,开展对话,推动幼儿的思考,进行深度学习。他们总是带着旺盛的活力参与到与幼儿的互动中,通过观察、倾听、记录、回应等一系列方式协助幼儿深入开展探究。瑞吉欧教育者始终秉持尊重主体、接纳差异、积极学习、主动参与的价值观,也正是在这些价值观的引领下,教师向幼儿传递了积极正向的理念,包括对生活的热爱、承诺、努力和投入。正如Paola在大会中说过的这句话“…我们的方法更多是帮助幼儿去建构(解释世界)意义的地图。除此之外,我们的任务是与幼儿一同建立他们学习的愿望,更好地遇见这一世界,了解这一世界。”


Reflection by:
Carol Yang
Education Director
EtonHouse China


25 and 26 November 2023


Shanghai, China


Reggio Emilia Experiences in Dialogue: Making Learning Extraordinary

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