Inaugural REACH (Reggio Emilia in Asia for Children) Conference

24th – 26th October 2013 Singapore

Dr Stefania Giamminuti - keynote speaker at the inaugural REACH conferencev2

Dr Stefania Giamminuti generously shared of her 6 month research experience in Reggio Emilia at the recent REACH conference held in Singapore 24th – 26th October, which was attended by 150 participants from 13 different countries.

Following the launch of REACH as a member of the Reggio Children International Network on the Thursday evening of the conference, Dr. Giamminuti prompted reflection on the consideration of ‘beauty’ as an aspect of environments as research spaces for young children.

Delegates also reflected on the significance of pedagogical documentation as a democratic space for collaborating with children and families and reconsidered children’s rights through the lens of inclusion and special rights children. Through documentation, we become in greater ‘synch’ with the children….walking their journey said Dr Giamminuti.

The conference content invited participants to explore their personal value and belief systems (about children and teaching and learning) in order to better connect and give meaning to their practice.

Delegates enjoyed visits to four EtonHouse Preschools on the Saturday of the conference to understand how EtonHouse teachers are attempting to make reference to the Educational Project of Reggio Emilia in their own classrooms. These visits serve as reflection points for conference delegates, so that they can begin to see the relationship between conference content (theory) and classroom design and curriculum development (practice).

REACH would like to sincerely thank all Singapore Preschool Directors for their support and collaboration as part of the organisation of this conference.

- Heather Conroy

Executive Director of Pedagogy
Director of REACH

Our delegates reflect…

The content of Stefania Giamminuti's messages depicts the beauty of her experience in the Reggio Emilia school settings;

Such rich stories of (children’s) learning

Working with the values and principles of the Educational Project of Reggio Emelia is all about ‘becoming’ …as a person, as a school, as an approach to working with young children;

I came with many questions – and I am leaving with more questions than answers – but this is a very exciting prospect…

This conference has shaped/changed my thinking, (I am) reflecting more about the values I have and I can translate this into my work;

All of the sessions were rich and meaningful….absolutely inspiring;

For me the biggest message is about image of child ….Children are citizens now….citizens of the present;

Glimpses of the Conference

Book signing session

Dr Stefania Giamminuti with delegates from Korea



Evening welcome reception at the courtyard of Grand Park City Hall

Ms Ng Gim Choo  Founder and MD of EtonHouse at the launch of REACH



Ms Heather Conroy  Director of REACH

Viewing of exhibitor displays



 Evening Dialogue by Dr Stefania Giamminuti  Delegates were inspired by the unique and beautiful images, video footage and experiences from the infant and todller centres of Reggio Emilia