About Reggio Emilia

Hailed as one of the world’s best early childhood settings, Reggio Emilia is recognized for its innovative approach to education.

Founded by educational theorist Loris Malaguzzi, the municipal preschools and infant toddler centres demonstrate a distinctive and innovative curriculum and pedagogy as well as a method of school organisation which recognises the potential of children to question, reflect, problem solve, theorise, experiment and express their findings through the ‘100 languages’.

The schools demonstrate, through their pedagogical documentation, a way of making children’s learning ‘visible’, emphasising that children are capable of devising creative ways of knowing, understanding and representing ‘meaning’. The schools place particular emphasis on the role of the environment (both social and physical).

The city of Reggio Emilia has achieved growing international acclaim since 1991, when Newsweek designated their schools for young children as the best in the world.

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