Message from Mr. Cristian Fabbi, President of Reggio Children

25 November 2023


Greetings to all from Reggio Emilia.


I would like to announce the agreement with REACH, Reggio Emilia in Asia for Children, and EtonHouse, our network from Singapore for the collaboration and development of the Reggio Emilia Approach in Asia. It is a great step for us and an important agreement because it will allow us to be present with our original message in Asia and to be able to get in touch with all the colleagues in the region and bring the original Reggio Emilia Approach with all the initiatives that we are planning which are connected to the professional development and the capacitation of educators in the region.


So, I am very thankful to our partners. This initiative will develop in China, Singapore, and other Asian countries with the scope of creating a dialogue between educators on our pillars, which are the respect for the rights of children and our message of peace, dialogue, and democracy. This is very important for us in a changing world in which a lot of things are happening and we want to offer our voice to all of our colleagues that are interested in working directly with us.


This agreement will also cover new translations in Chinese and in other Asian languages in order to offer our books and our projects directly and easily in the language of the area and also the possibility of bringing the exhibition Mosaic to China in 2025. But in general, other than the singular initiatives, we really want to express our pleasure and our will to cooperate with our partners and bring possibilities of professional development for the educating community and be able to work together to give the children a better start in life.


Thank you very much.